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Interior Design

Don't wait for inspiration to find you - take the first step towards your dream space today! Click here to connect with our expert team and turn your vision into reality. Transform your space in Marbella, Sotogrande, Estepona, or Puerto Banus with us.


Act now, and let's create something extraordinary together!

RestoBar Dublin

For the interior design of this bar (Dublin Bae & Co), we made an effort to create a unique and special atmosphere. It is located Benalmadena, Málaga. The layout of this space has been carefully crafted to blend elegance and modern style with a touch of sophistication. With contemporary decor and ambient lighting, we've created a cozy and relaxed environment. Different spaces were designed based on the profiles of customers who would visit the bar (from families, couples, to groups of friends). The bar was a key element to highlight as it needed to capture attention from the boardwalk (the promenade is about 20 meters from the storefront). Lights, natural colors, plants, sand, glass – these are the elements we selected to bring this bar to life, making it one of the most frequented in the area today. 


Bar Garibaldi

At the core of Garibaldi RestoBar's design is the essence of merging authentic pizza craftsmanship with a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. The philosophy of an open kitchen, highlighted by glass windows, not only serves a practical purpose but also transforms pizza-making into a captivating spectacle for the senses. The artistic intervention of a muralist added a unique touch to the place, painting the walls with vivid graffiti that celebrates the delicious masterpiece that is pizza.


Bar Chirolas

The design of this gastronomic (bar chirolas) haven stands out as a modern and inviting space. The layout was meticulously crafted in close collaboration with a graphic designer to ensure harmony with the already established logo. The color palette draws inspiration from tones that complement the mustard yellow in the logo, seamlessly integrating it with wood, rust, and glass elements. Situated on one of Mendoza's busiest streets, Juan B Justo, the design captures a contemporary ambiance that effortlessly blends with the vibrant surroundings.


Dolores Berutti, ARG

Simplemente el mejor estudio que he conocido. Súper profesionales, atentos. Y la arquitecta dueña muy confiable, diseño mi casa como QUERÍA ! Un sueño
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