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Welcome to agus, a one of a kind architecture studio

Modern Architecture
in Malaga.


At Agus, we're a team of modern architects based in Marbella, driven by a genuine passion for the art of modern architecture. We approach our work with a blend of innovation, creativity, and a deep commitment to understanding our clients' visions. Our goal is to not just create physical structures but to craft living spaces that truly resonate with the people who inhabit them. As modern architects in Marbella, we value the unique essence of each project and collaborate closely with our clients. You can explore more about our work on our modern architect website, where we showcase how we bring dreams to life with thoughtful and personalized architectural solutions.

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Explore a curated collection of our finest modern architectural creations at Agus, where we bring together form, function, and aesthetic harmony. As dedicated modern architects in Marbella, our portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, from contemporary residences to innovative commercial spaces. Each creation tells a unique story of design excellence and craftsmanship, reflecting our commitment to shaping environments that go beyond structures, resonating with the essence of those who inhabit them. Discover more about our work as modern architects in Marbella and the personalized touch we bring to every project.

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Our Four Pillars

Unlock the door to design excellence with our modern architectural services. We don't just build structures; we craft experiences. From concept to construction, our services are the blueprint for your dream space. Let us bring your vision to life with precision, creativity, and unwavering attention to detail.

Structural Engineering

Urban Planning

Green Building Solutions

Architectural Design

Crafting visionary designs that blend artistry and functionality.

Pioneering eco-friendly and sustainable construction.

Ensuring sturdy, safe, and innovative structures.

Shaping dynamic, livable communities and cities.

We make virtual tours so you can see designs like you're really there!


Contact Us

Get in touch with us, and let's build something amazing together! Whether you have architectural inquiries or simply want to share your 'blueprints' for a project, we're all ears.  Reach out now and 'construct' a conversation that's sure to be 'structurally sound' and 'aesthetically pleasing.'

Image by Hermansyah
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Avenue Arias Maldonado 2, Marbella, Spain

+34 645 86 88 55

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 6:00 pm


9:00am - 1:00pm



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